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Focus App

Focus is a smart timer for MacOS that leverages principles of behavioural psychology to help users get things done and avoid distractions in a simple, efficient way.

Modeled after such systems as Francesco Cirillo’s Pomodoro and David Allen’s GTD, and drawing on the neuroscience research of Mathew MacDonald and Mark Bear, Focus helps users overcome procrastination, eliminate distractions, articulate goals, and gain positive momentum in work.

Focus is a design experiment and self-directed project, and aims to fill a gap in the Productivity Software space and solve a consumer problem that, to my knowledge, is unsolved by any currently available technology.

Simple countdown timers have too many use cases, while the more complex and specialized productivity timers are either too simple or too complex to satisfy the needs of a user who simply wants to offload the cognitive workload of assigning and monitoring small but highly productive time-slices. Finally, Focus brings a highly optimized behavioral productivity model to users in a plug-and-play model that does not require them to spend any additional energy learning a new system.

I am currently searching for a macOS desktop developer. If that’s you, send me an email!


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