UI / UX, Visual Design

Electric Coffin Future Machine

The future is both a certainty and an unknown territory, occupying much of humanity’s thought and activity. How will it unfold? Who controls it? When will it get here?

Art & design studio Electric Coffin launched an evolving interactive art installation at the Bellevue Art Museum in 2017. The installation consisted of 5 distinct phases: Idea, Fuel, Mechanics, Illumination, and Future. During each phase a new piece of the installation was revealed and paired with a guided conversation series.

I collaborated with Electric Coffin as art director, project manager, and UI/UX designer to produce the digital deliverables for the Future Machine Installation.

Deliverables included website wireframes, visual design concepts, development-ready website mockups, email marketing and interaction specs.

After delivery, I worked closely with the web development team to ensure design consistency through project launch.


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