Kindle instant preview

What is Kip?

Kindle instant preview (a mobile-first web software) is an Amazon product in the Kindle family that helps authors, content creators, and social web users embed free Kindle book samples anywhere on the web. With Kindle instant preview, anyone can start reading a Kindle book sample on any website, anywhere.

Why did Amazon Hire Me?

Kindle instant preview was developed and shipped rapidly, and with a functional product in-market, Amazon wanted to deliver a superior next-generation, end-to-end user experience that improved on the original, captured new opportunities and leveraged key learnings from the first two years.

What did I do?

During my time as the product design lead for Kindle instant preview, I worked with business development, product management and engineering teams to explore and define the product’s unique challenges and opportunities. I conducted extensive UX research, identified key weaknesses & consumer friction points and ultimately discovered a lack of alignment? between the core value that the product was delivering and the real consumer demand. This resulted in an important strategic pivot for the entire team.

Look Inside the Book

In an ancillary role, I worked on scoping and formative design for the integration of Look Inside the Book (LITB) with Kindle instant preview. Look inside the book is one of the top-performing modules on the Amazon item detail page and I spearheaded the beginning of an initiative to merge code-bases and ultimately replace LITB with Kindle instant preview. This involved heavy scoping and project requirements work as LITB is a complex, high-visibility product with multiple different touch-points and UX versions?

Other Ancillary roles

During my time working on Kindle instant preview I also designed UI and improved UX for various components of the Kindle ecosystem including an on-boarding flow in both iOS and Android, the Kindle PC/Mac app, social sharing and Goodreads integration on both iOS & Android, and components of the Amazon store page (web/mobile).


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