Christina’s was created by founder Thu Nguyen, an ex-investment banker who saw a gap in the hospitality industry while travelling Asia & South America. He returned to his home in Ho Chi Minh city after a break from his prior career to open a franchisable series of “homes away from home” where guests could be hand-picked to match the fit & style of each establishment. A blend between co-working space and bed & breakfast, the first Christina’s has been highly sought after by guests thanks to its impeccably designed rooms, friendly & welcoming atmosphere, and its hosts’ genuine love of their guests.

Your sharing-heart is for putting out pieces and leaving them behind in wonderful places that touched you and made you feel at home. Your keeping-heart is to collect all these loved moments and lovely people you met around the world and this exactly is the heart of traveling: leaving things behind and keeping other things with you forever.

– Christina

Branding & Visual Identity

From the very beginning it became important to characterize both the clean and comfortable aesthetic of the rooms and the welcoming, inclusive nature of Thu’s business. Inspired by Thu’s philosophy of “two hearts,” we created a custom logotype and visual identity that unifies a clean, minimal style with a welcoming air and evokes the symbolism of Thu’s “two hearts” beautifully. We combined this with a carefully chosen typeface and branded house-wares to give Christina’s the bump it needed to become the on #1 accommodation on both Trip-advisor and AirBnb in Ho Chi Minh City.


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